Halloween is approaching.  Dark nights.  People often like to read something spooky at this time of year.  Magic, mystery and all that. Is that Highwaypersons?


  • There is mystery of the whodunnit variety.
  • There is danger.
  • There is fear.  This includes fear of the gallows, of cold steel and of hot lead.  Fear of discovery.
  • There is evil in the form of injustice: all too human and earthly.

Is there anything supernatural?  Only God!  The highwaypersons  have to fight with their consciences as well as with more tangible opponents, as they question their justification for their actions and think of divine retribution.

Some people think the highwayman (as they suppose) has a magical gift for vanishing, but it is just speed, disguise and quick thinking.

But if you are looking for a spiritual fright, you must look elsewhere.  I do not expect you will have to look far.