An apology for what?

An apology is due to at least one reader who was annoyed by a typo in my book The Cowgirl Murders.  The reader said there were several but was particularly irritated by the misspelling of Lacota. It is the name of a group of Native Americans. I did spell it correctly generally in the book, but at least once it appeared as Lokata.

A fuss about a typo?

Some would say I am overreacting to one complaint about a simple error. Why am I concerned about this? It is because English people have a reputation for being unduly casual in the spelling and pronunciation of foreign words, especially names. This applies to Welsh, Scottish and Irish names as much as to those of the native peoples of other continents. Understandably, people suspect that this comes from a lack of respect for other nations and other cultures. I deplore such an attitude.

Here’s the apology

I apologise to all my readers for my lack of diligence in checking my manuscript before self-publishing this novel. I hope it has not detracted too much from your enjoyment of the story. In addition, I apologise to any of the Lacota people who have read the book and assure them that no disrespect what intended. Indeed, I hope they will have noticed that I have made an effort to avoid reproducing the racial stereotypes too often seen in westerns. For more about the book, see this advert.

The cover of the Cowgirl Murders, the subject of this apology.

The cover of the Cowgirl Murders, the subject of this apology.