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Multiculturalism is now part of Britishness

Multiculturalism should be taught Multiculturalism is one aspect of British life today. Therefore I hope Afghans will learn about it, when they arrive in the UK. It should be in their lessons on 'British Values', which the government has promised. In fact, I think all...

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Protestantism or cynicism guided Anne Boleyn?

Protestantism was a big issue in the 16th century Protestantism was illegal in the England of Henry VIII as in most of Europe, but it was gradually spreading. It was an important issue, because religion was important to almost everyone. It determined your way of...

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Left behind – who and what?

Left behind in Kabul: 700+ Left behind in Kabul are at least 700 interpreters and others who were officially entitled to come to the UK. Everyone knows that. Despite the last-minute best efforts, our government let them down. They should have planned it better and...

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Victory is not all it seems, O Taliban!

Victory has seemed complete for the Taliban Victory looked certain once they got to Kabul. The President of Afghanistan seemed to think so and the world's press agreed but History might not. In a previous blog post, I said they might not get there: many times in...

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Culture wars and historical novels

Culture? Am I being pretentious? 'Culture' means different things to different people. For some it's all about The Arts: fine art, the theatre, opera, ballet, and, of course, serious writing, mainly literary fiction. In other words, not all forms of expression count...

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Boleyns are hard to get rid of!

Boleyns? What's new? The Boleyns are the subject of a BBC2 docu-drama on Friday nights. I have watched it so far and learnt a few new things but most of it we have seen before many times in dramas and in other ducumentaries. Although I wish they cast someone in the...

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Taliban beware! History is not on your side.

The Taliban are the ones to beware of, surely? The Taliban seem to be carrying it al before them in Afghanistan at present. The government and the army of that country seem to offer no real opposition and the rest of the world is doing nothing. How can they lose? They...

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Historical sources can include the gospels

Historical sources vary Historical sources can be official records, letters, diaries, books, or anything in writing. In addition there are archaeological sources, which include just about anything not written. I wrote recently about the gospels as history but there...

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Do the gospels count as history?

The gospels are many things To some the gospels are objects of veneration, to others great literature, for example. Are they history? Many people are highly sceptical, but should they be? What questions have they asked and of whom? To some, even to ask such questions...

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Sport unites but does it also divide us?

Sport unites us with other nations they say Sport unites people around the world when we come together to enjoy a good game whether of football, tennis, athletics or anything. People have said international competitions improve understanding and friendships between...

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Is M Macron right about Northern Ireland?

Macron said what about NI? M Macron allegedly said that NI was not part of the UK. Opinions differ as to his exact words and to their meaning. Since he was speaking in French (what a nerve!) some reporters might have got it wrong (never!). Boris has responded by...

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Blood and Secrets might appeal to you.

What Blood and Secrets? Blood and Secrets is a novel set at the beginning of the so-called English Civil War. (The war involved Wales Scotland and Ireland Too). Here is a synopsis. A young man with divided loyalties at the outbreak of the English Civil War sets out to...

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