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Unmasking a spy

Unmasking what spy? Unmasking a spy is the final instalment of my short story Garden Secrets which I have been serialising on this blog. I hope you have enjoyed the first three chapters. Now read the fourth. After that, you will be ready for my new novel. Garden...

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A Significant Name

A Significant Name for What? A Significant Name is the title of the next chapter of my short story Garden Secrets, which links Book 3 and Book 4 of my Highwaypersons series. Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Garden Secrets are on earlier posts on this blog. I hope you...

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Garden Secrets continued

Garden Secrets is what? Garden Secrets is the name of the short story I have written which connects book 3, The Stallion Man, and  Book 4, Blood in the Heather: Rumours, Rebels and Rogues, of my Highwaypersons series.   If you have not read The Stallion Man, you...

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Novel No 4 is coming

Novel No 4 of what? Novel No 4 of my series Highwaypersons. Its subtitle will be Blood in the Heather: Rumours, Rebels and Rogues. It will be the last in the series - for now, at least. I hope you have read the first three of these novels. I have already posted on...

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Between books

Between books, what do I do? Between books, I write: short stories, more books... I love writing. I keep going back to things I haven't finished. I get new bits of inspiration every now and then. Since I last posted, I have written a short story about what Billy Rhys...

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Compulsory creativity may be coming

Compulsory creativity may please the government Compulsory creativity would have to happen if current proposals become law. Ministers plan to include the celebration of British values in proposals for new media laws. Former minister John Wittingdale said in September...

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The British Empire: the root of racism?

The British Empire is still controversial The British Empire is a glorious achievement in the opinion of many, whilst others see it only in a negative way. A recent documentary Empire State of Mind by Sathnam Sanghera looked at it from the point of view of a British...

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Genocide is the right word

Genocide and the holocaust are in the news 'Genocide' got Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, into trouble at COP26. because he said climate change could cause many deaths and people would blame today's world leaders. He likened the situation to the 1930's...

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Matthew – a short story

Matthew the Priest ? Matthew was always going to be a priest. His father was a fisherman who had made a lot of money and owned his own boat. Later he acquired another boat and all his sons worked both boats, in cheerful competition. However, there was one clever one...

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Realism is there in the gospels

Realism? Am I joking? Realism is not the word that comes to mind when you think of stories full of miracles. However, it is one of the factors which leads some people to think they are history. That is something I did not mention when I last wrote about the gospels as...

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Hypocrisy! How British is it?

Hypocrisy can't be British, can it? Hypocrisy is something we always deny, because nobody likes a hypocrite. We love to say what we mean and mean what we say, don't we? How could anyone think otherwise? Surely, I can't include this in my list of what it is to be...

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Free speech is a British value.

Free speech is controversial Free speech means different things to different people, but we all think it's a Good Thing. It fits with two things I have already written about in my series on Britishness: Multiculturalism and our Sense of Humour. That is because it...

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