In case you are wondering how it is going, I have decided my draft novel is far too long, but I am not just going to shorten it: I am going to cut it in half.  Of course, that does not mean it will finish abruptly halfway.  It means I am cutting out large sections which will go into the sequel.  The first book will have a proper ending.  I am also talking to a potential editor who will correct all my mistakes, hopefully.  After that will come the marketing and approaching publishers.  This all takes longer than you might think.

Watch this space!

I’ve got spam!

Almost all the comments received so far on this blog have been spam.  The main exception was someone asking if I knew how to exclude spam from a blog!  Were you joking?  If you know, please tell me.  When I have found a way, I will let you know.

Let’s hope I get some real comments soon.

What’s happening?

In case you were wondering what I am writing, here is the present position:

  • I have finished the first draft of my first novel.  It is being reviewed by a few friends.
  • When I have considered their feedback and made any changes I think desirable, I will send it to a professional editor.
  • When I have made further changes in response to his/her report, I will either send it to a few publishers or self-publish it through CreateSpace.  I might do both.
  • This all takes time, so I cannot say for certain when the book will be available.

I can tell you it is set in the early Eighteenth Century and is about a young man coming home to Wales from war to find his father is in debtors’ prison having lost all their money and the farm.  The son, aided by his sister, becomes a highwayman, hoping to restore the family’s fortunes. He becomes involved in a mystery and then tries to solve a murder.  The story takes us from Wales to Lancashire and Scotland with a few interludes in London.  It is fiction, but is set against a background of actual national and international events.

Before it is published, I will be writing a few short stories involving some of the main characters from the novel.  These will be available free to those who ask for them via my website at and I will let you know on this blog when they become available.  Watch this space!