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A palaeolithic detective – am I serious?

What's palaeolithic? The Palaeolithic period is the Old Stone Age. In most countries it was replaced by the Neolithic or New Stone Age. In Britain, we had to be different. We had the Mesolithic or Middle Stone Age in between. What's the difference? Are archaeologists...

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Read Highwaypersons, then think about these questions.

Why the questions? You might be among that happy band who have enjoyed Highwaypersons, Book I or Book II, for the stories, the characters and the writing. (Come on! There must be some of you out there.) If so, I hope you will enjoy Book III when it comes out. You...

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What is going to change about Highwaypersons now?

Why another change? You might wonder why I want to change things again. That's if you remember that I reedited Highwaypersons Book I, Debts and Duties, only a few weeks ago. That was just before releasing Book II, The King's Justice. The answer is that I have been...

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