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Are there any dinosaurs in The Stone Age Detective?

People expect dinosaurs in any book set in the Stone Age This is mainly the fault of Hollywood, because producers (used to) think any story in prehistory had to have these large reptiles to make it exciting. They could have made movies about dinosaurs without any...

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How do I know what a Stone-Age dog looked like?

One key character in my novel The Stone-Age Detective is a dog. I hope you have read my  blog about my prehistoric detective novel. Even if you like what I say there, you may think everything I say about the dog in the novel is pure fiction, fantasy even. Well, I have...

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A palaeolithic detective – am I serious?

What's palaeolithic? The Palaeolithic period is the Old Stone Age. In most countries it was replaced by the Neolithic or New Stone Age. In Britain, we had to be different. We had the Mesolithic or Middle Stone Age in between. What's the difference? Are archaeologists...

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