What Blood and Secrets?

Blood and Secrets is a novel set at the beginning of the so-called English Civil War. (The war involved Wales Scotland and Ireland Too). Here is a synopsis.

A young man with divided loyalties at the outbreak of the English Civil War sets out to solve a murder. Along the way, he has to question his own identity and that of his eldest brother. He is also drawn to two very different women. His quest takes him from an Oxford college to Caerphilly Castle, to London’s least respectable quarter and then to the battlefields of Edgehill and Newbury, with an excursion into Gloucestershire, where he is in more danger than ever. With friends, foes and family on both sides, will his quest for a middle way help or hinder his search for answers? He encounters extremists and peacemakers, idealists and self-seekers, people who will make history and many who will merely struggle to survive. Can he stay alive long enough to find the answers to his questions and to overcome the obstacles to true love?

Why am I blogging about Blood and Secrets now?

I have been posting a lot about The Stallion Man, the third of the Highwaypersons novels, which I have just published. If you like that, or Books I and II, you might also like Blood and Secrets. Do have a look.


The cover of Blood and Secrets: BATTLE OF EDGEHILL, 1642.
Prince Rupert in combat at the Battle of Edgehill, 23 October 1642. Painting, c1900, by Harry Payne, (1858-1927).