What is it and who’s asking?

Attempts by the Government to make immigrants take a test in knowledge of Britain and British values have been controversial, as have plans to introduce an oath of loyalty for people applying for certain positions. Britishness, British values and whatever we are supposed to be loyal to are hard to define or agree upon.

Now You Know!

This week there was a terrible incident outside the Houses of Parliament. The terrorist was apparently attacking our British society and its values, whatever he thought they were.

He failed.

As Andrew Neil said on This Week, this incident has brought out the best in us. Our real Britishness was shown by those who tried to help the victims and by the outpourings of sympathy and support demonstrated in vigils and small gestures in London and throughout the country. Police officers have received flowers, cards and kind words from all sorts of people. People of all ages, classes, religions (and non-religions) and ethnicities. If the terrorist wanted to sow division, he did the opposite.

We showed our Britishness. We don’t need to define it! And we will defend it. Not just the police or MI5. All of us. They can’t defeat all of us.