Why have I done a re-edit of Highwaypersons?

When I reread this book, I saw many minor errors and examples of poor style, which I would like to think I would not commit now, some two years and thousands of words later. I also saw a surprising number of words, phrases and even sentences that nobody really needed. Remember Graham Greene’s advice,If you can leave a word out, you should do so.

I hope it will flow better and people will find it easier and more enjoyable to read.

Highwaypersons, Book I, Debts and Duties

What has the re-edit not changed?

The story. That is the same. Apart from the first chapter of the second book in the trilogy, which I included at the end of Book I. I did a re-edit of that because I had not finished Book II when Book I first came out. When it did, I decided to make changes to that first chapter.

The characters are also all there, unchanged.

Does the re-edit mean I have added anything?

There is some new information about the rest of the trilogy and a section About the Author. I had omitted it before, because I thought I could not say anything about myself, as I use a pseudonym. However, I now see that there is a lot I can say, truthfully, whilst remaining anonymous.

Does the re-edit affect the Kindle version or only the printed book?

Both. If you have recently bought it but not read it, I suggest you approach Kindle to get the revised version. They might not charge you.

Kindle edition

Although I hope you will find each book in the Highwaypersons trilogy is a good read on its own, I expect you will enjoy each one more if you read them in order. Now is a good time to read Book I, Debts and Duties, before you start Book II, The King’s Justice, which you can also find on Kindle. 

Go on. Get them both.

When’s Book III appearing?

Highwaypersons, Book III, Stallion Man will be out early 2019. If it’s ready sooner, I’ll let you know.