What is The Stallion Man?

The Stallion Man is the third novel in my series Highwaypersons. I gave more detail in a recent post where I said it would be published today, 10th June. It has however been delayed.

What’s the delay with The Stallion Man?

Amazon does not believe I have the right to use the cover picture and will be in breach of copyright. I have sent them  copies of the licences I have bought and e-mails between myself and the gallery from which I obtained them. I hope that will clear it up very soon.

Why use that image for The Stallion Man?

The highwayman in the picture is just as I imagined my hero, Billy Rhys. An ideal illustration. He is on a white horse. The stallion in the story is white, but I think the one in the picture looks more like one of Billy’s other horse, Caledin, who is in Books I and II as well.

What about Books I and II?

They are available as e-books and paperbacks Book I, Debts and Duties is free as an e-book from today until Monday 14th June. From Tuesday 15th, the e-book version of Book II, The King’s Justice, will be free until Saturday 19th. So make the most of it and read Books I and II so you can get the most enjoyment from Book III as soon as it is published. I am hoping Amazon will allow the same image to be used on all three books in slightly different settings.

The image I intend to put on the cover of The Stallion Man

The image I intend to put on the cover of The Stallion Man