I have mentioned my love of horses, but some people have asked if they are the only animals I am fond of.

The answer is that I have always loved all animals.  Some make better pets than others.  Over the centuries, dogs, cats and horses seem to have adapted to our society better than most.  Many are best left to get on with their own lives without human interference.  Others could not survive in the wild these days.  All deserve a place on this planet.  I have supported WWF since I was a child.

Here is a South American frog i an environment created to be as natural as possible in Chester Zoo.  I think this kind is poisonous.  It s also beautiful.

I hate crimes against animals and sometimes give them a bit of negative publicity in my books.  I am not a vegetarian, but I believe in animal welfare, in agriculture and in all our dealings with other creatures.

In historical novels, horses are more likely to play a part than most creatures, but I am thinking of bringing other animals into my books at some stage.   Perhaps I will have a hero surviving in the wilderness and having to interact with animals and nature in unusual ways.  I might try a short story just to see how it is received.  Watch this space.