I have been watching the Brother Cadfael mysteries on Drama.  It makes a change from sport.  I watched the series when it was first broadcast, several years ago.  I have also read most of the books.

As I have watched this time, I have been reminded of a criticism which was made when the series first reached the screen.  I seem to see the truth of it more now than I did then.  The atmosphere created on TV is different from that found in print.  It is more confrontational.

In the books there is inevitably conflict.  Not always violent.  I am thinking of the arguments Cadfael has with the other monks, with witnesses and suspects, and sometimes with the Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff.  These come across on screen as more strident than in print.  When I read the books, I do not imagine the monks shouting at each other or displaying temper, except on the odd occasion.  On TV that is the norm.

The pace is also different.  The books imply a leisurely, peaceful way of life appropriate to a mediaeval monastery.  On TV it seems to have the pace of a modern police thriller.

You may have your own views on which you enjoy more or on which you think is more authentic.  My point is that they are different.

I hope to create a certain atmosphere in my books.  Not the same all the time.  Certainly different books will create different feelings.  I hope I will succeed in producing the atmosphere I intend each time.  I hope you will find it to your liking.  I would welcome feed back in due course.