Why does the Easter story matter?

Easter is the time of year when people all over the World celebrate a historic event: the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, which is the basis of the Christian faith. It is so central that it is the one thing that all denominations agree on, as far as I know. If you are a believer, however doubtful, or a churchgoer, however occasional, I urge you to think about this story and read it, in any version of the Bible, or hear someone read it or tell it in any kind of church.

A preacher preaching. Telling the Easter story?

A preacher preaching. Telling the Easter story?

What is Easter to other religions?

Most other religions either say nothing about Easter or they deny the truth of the story. Some have other variations on the same story, presumably from their own sources. If you are a follower of another religion, I encourage you to study this story, so that you know what Christians believe. Don’t let other aspects of Christianity, or what you may think is Christianity, distract you. They are far less important than this.

What is Easter if you’re not interested in any religion?

Even if you are a 100% convinced atheist, you might want to know what it is you don’t believe. Perhaps you can think of another explanation for the facts recorded. Surely you must accept Matthew, Mark, Luke and John as historical documents, whatever else they are. Fake news? Have a look and see if that’s really what you see there.


Doubt and faith. Why not apply both to the Easter story?

Doubt and faith. Why not apply both to the Easter story?

Yes but how can Easter matter to non-believers?

As a lover of history, I am aware that Christianity has had a huge influence on the World, and has made much of it what it is today, for better (I hope) or worse (hmm… really?). It has had a great influence on art, literature and culture of every kind, as well as on the laws and traditions of many countries. You might want to look and see what started it all.

Whoever and whatever you are, I wish you