The Great what?

The Great was the title of a recent Channel Four series loosely based on the story of Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia. I commented before about the first series. and have now seen most of the second series. Sadly, I missed the last episode and forgot to record it! The second series was perhaps even more bizarre than the first and took even more liberties with the facts. However, it was at least as entertaining.

Great entertainment only?

The series was also thought-provoking, as it raised issues like the role of women, the conflict between science, religion and superstition, as well as the power of tradition. I was of course pleased to see that the series gave credit to certain writers, such as Voltaire, for shaping the mind of the young empress. People so often undervalue us writers.

A quill pen. The Great gave writers some credit.

The Great gave writers some credit.

A great lesson?

For me, the important lesson was that you can use humour, even with a lot of sex and violence, and make a serious point. I hope the outrageousness of it makes some of the messages stick in the mind more than it would have done had it been more straightforward. Perhaps different approaches work for different people.

A great response?

Will I be changing my style in response to the series? Perhaps a little. I am who I am and will not try to copy a style that is so different from mine. However, I think I will use more humour and more unlikely situations in my stories. After all, the reality behind the story of Catherine II of Russia is incredible enough. Go and read some more factual history and see.

If you want a taste of my writing, why not try some of my short stories?

The cover of 'Geoffrey's Historical Shorts'. A great way to discover my work!

A great way to discover my work!