Hear a book? How?

Hear a book by getting the audiobook version. It is a growing trend. I have decided to make my books available as audiobooks in future, as well as in print and as e-books. This means books I am going to produce in future. Perhaps I will also make audio versions of my existing collection. What do you think?

What can you hear?

I am about to produce an audiobook version of The Cowgirl Murders. If you liked the print or e-book version, you might enjoy hearing it now. If you haven’t had time to read it, you might give the audio version a try. What is it about? Here’s a post advertising the book.

The cover of the audiobook of The Cowgirl Murders. Now you can hear it as well as read it.

Now you can hear it as well as read it.

Why an audiobook?

Here are the pros and cons of audiobooks.


  1. Convenience: You can listen to audiobooks while doing other activities, such as driving, exercising, or doing household chores.
  2. Accessibility: Audiobooks make literature accessible to people with visual impairments, reading difficulties, or those who prefer auditory learning.
  3. Variety of voices: professional actors or the authors themselves usually narrate audiobooks and this can enhance the storytelling experience. Ed Thornton, a real American with a western accent, reads it for you, as my voice is too English!
  4. Portability: You can easily carry multiple audiobooks on your smartphone or other devices without the added weight or bulk of physical books.
  5. Time-saving: Audiobooks can help you finish books faster, as most people can listen at a higher speed than they can read.


  1. Cost: Audiobooks are often more expensive than their physical or e-book counterparts.
  2. Abridged versions. Some audiobooks are abridged versions of the original text, meaning you might miss out on some content. However, you will get the full content of The Cowgirl Murders.
  3. Difficulty in navigation. It can be harder to navigate through an audiobook to find specific passages or re-read certain sections compared to a physical book.
  4. Dependence on technology: You need a device and sometimes an internet connection to access your audiobooks.
  5. Reduced engagement. Some people find it easier to get distracted while listening to an audiobook compared to reading a physical book. This may lead to reduced comprehension and engagement with the content.
  6. Lack of visual cues. Audiobooks don’t provide visual cues like page layout, fonts, or illustrations that can contribute to the reading experience.

Tell me what you think about audiobooks generally or The Cowgirl Murders specifically. I will be writing soon about the pros and cons from an author’s point of view.