Just as I am about to officially launch Highwaypersons, I have been reminded in a tweet that many writers, especially of historical fiction, make their heroines and other female characters little more than toys for the heroes.  I entirely agree and have no desire to write about women in that way. Most women I know have far more about them than those weedy heroines.  I expect that was true of real women down the ages, not only the exceptional ones who ‘made history’ like Boudicca and Elizabeth I.  History was and is made by millions of people of all classes, ages and genders.

See how many female highwaypersons there are in the book and see what you think of the other female characters.  I do not think you will find any are mere toys of the men.  Could the opposite be true?

Read Highwaypersons and find out. The launch is Monday 24th October, but the book is already available on Amazon, Createspace and Kindle if you do not want to wait.