An election like no other

Here’s how I imagine some world leaders might react to the current US election, if they were being honest. If.

(I have omitted their surnames to preserve their anonymity, a thing they all crave.)

“It reminds me of my historic victory in 2017.” – Jeremy

“Winning’s not all it’s cracked up to be.” – Boris

“You can say that again!” – Theresa

“It reminds me of the time I entered a duck in a cockfight, just to see how many people were dumb enough to bet on the duck. Then the darned duck won!” – The Godfather

“How would you like to join the Anti-Lockdown Party?” – Nigel

“Election?” – Kim

Finally, remember how hard our ancestors struggled to get democracy and see my book Blood and Secrets is set against the background of the English Civil War when parliament had to wrest power from the king. See my post about the book and its relevance.

Let’s value what we have.

A sword piercing a question mark. The cover of Blood and Secrets by Geoffrey Monmouth

The cover of Blood and Secrets by Geoffrey Monmouth