The good news is that I am very nearly ready to publish my fist novel on Create Space, the self-publishing arm of Amazon.

The present delay is caused by the need to find a suitable picture to go on the cover. I hope it will not take long.

The book is called Highwaypersons: Debts and Duties.  It is about a brother and sister from the Rhondda valley in Wales, who turn to crime to raise money to pay off their father’s debts and so get him out of debtors’ prison.  They also hope to punish those they believe were responsible for their family’s troubles.   One of their victims, a beautiful but infuriating widow, persuades them to help recover some missing letters.  This leads them into a murder investigation.

The book is set against the background of the 1715 Jacobite rebellion.

You will find mystery, injustice, danger, war and romance in this story.  Some say it has social and political echoes for today.  Others say that is because nothing changes much: people are still the same.  You can make your own mind up.