Tomorrow, 23rd October is Bible Sunday.  All right, I know some churches have it on a different day.  The ones who like to be different.  Never mind.  Let us think about it now.

The Bible is important to lots of people for lots of reasons.

Obviously Christians.

Also Jews and Moslems believe in certain parts of the Bible and those parts are very important to them

But what if you are not religious?

Are you interested in:

  • History
  • Law
  • Literature
  • Words


  • Whether you believe all or some or none of it, the Bible is an important historical document.  Well, a collection of documents.
  • It is a source of information about a lot of the history of the Middle-East and surrounding areas.
  • It has also influenced, one way and another, a good deal of the history of Europe and other places.
  • Understanding it helps understanding some of the conflicts it inspired and some of the ways it influenced Society.


Britain and most of Europe, as well as other places, have drawn on the Bible in developing our laws.  It was better than starting with a blank sheet.


  • The Authorised Version, or the King James Bible, has been a major influence on the English language.
  • Elsewhere, the Latin and Greek versions influenced a lot of languages.
  • It contains some truly memorable stories that are part of our culture.  And a lot of other peoples’ too.

So at least once a year it is worth thinking about it, perhaps even reading some of it.

I was impressed recently with The Bible For Dummies.  I got the mini version on Kindle.  It is amusing, erudite and readable. It does not try to impose any particular view on the reader.  I think it could be a good place to start.

Of course there are plenty of other books about the Bible if you do not like this one.