Iron Age adventures are not new

An Iron Age adventure appeared among my collection of short stories Geoffrey’s Historical Shorts. I hope you enjoyed at least some of those stories, especially, of course, the one set in pre-Roman Britain. For some time, I have been working on a trilogy starting in Iron Age Britain and continuing through the Roman invasion and a few years beyond. I hope to publish the first volume soon, which I have called Spirit of Iron, because the hero begins as a smith (what would the Iron Age have been like without smiths?) and because he and his family are all strong characters.

The cover of Geoffrey's Historical Shorts. These include one Iron Age Adventure.

These include one Iron Age Adventure.

Iron Age becomes Roman Britain

I will call the second in this series, The Third Road to Rome. This will cover my hero’s adventures during the Roman invasion. One theme throughout the series is the different attitudes towards the Romans among the Britons and how my hero’s attitude changes. In the third book, he tries to bring about reconciliation between many diverse characters, hindered by the continuing conflict created by Roman expansion across this island.

A chariot from a Roman carving.

A chariot from a Roman carving.

Are these books murder mysteries?

A lot of people die in each book, and some murders occur. However, these take second place to the main theme of the transition from the Iron Age to Roman Britain. In the second book there are two real historical characters who did die in suspicious circumstances. The solutions, which I have imagined, arrive only in the third book. I hope you will see why that is the case, if you read all three books.

Is the Iron Age my new focus?

Those three volumes have taken up a lot of my time and effort. I hope you will think it was worth it! Meanwhile, I have been working on something rather different, set in Transylvania. Of course, I keep thinking about my old friend, Billy Rhys, and might produce a sequel to the Highwaypersons quadrilogy. If you find all the waiting frustrating, you might try my western, The Cowgirl Murders, which I published earlier this year and I wrote about here.

A cowgirl. The cover of The Cowgirl Murders.

A cowgirl. The cover of The Cowgirl Murders.