The price of a printed copy of Highwaypersons: Debts and Duties is GBP 9.75 but it will be only 2.25 on Kindle.

The cost of a paper copy is more than that of a lot of comparable books.  The reason is that it is longer than most.  It is 429 pages and 113000 words.  These figures include:

  • a list of principal characters at the beginning
  • a few historical notes at the end.
  • the first chapter of the sequel, The King’s Justice.

Obviously, there is a cost to printing each page.  So is it really more expensive than a shorter book?

If you want something shorter, you probably will not have to look very far.  On the other hand you might like something to get stuck into.  In the case of Highwaypersons, there is plenty of it and it covers a lot of ground.

Well it’s your choice.  It’s your money.  Now you know. Here’s where it is:

Title ID: 5935330 ISBN-13: 978-1537319995


And watch out for special offers on Amazon and on Kindle.