Many people used to think that there was an inevitability about the gradual unification of Europe as there was thought to be about that of the UK, although if that logic held, the Irish Republic would be moving towards union with Britain!

Does the decision to leave the EU mark a reversal of the trend?  Does Scottish independence now look inevitable?

I am sceptical of the determinist view of history.  Of course there are social and economic forces at work which strongly influence how we make decisions, but in the end we make our own minds up.  I think things could go either way.

History is full of examples of wars and conflicts between England and Scotland, and of those between England or Britain and France.  However, there are also lots of examples of Anglo-French collaboration.  Life is seldom as simple as some people would like.

I hope to bring out some of the complexities of these relationships in my writing.  Oscar Wilde once said “the truth is never pure and rarely simple”.  I hope you will find that view of life makes for more interesting reading than “the Good Guys” versus “the Bad Guys” approach.

A thought for friends north of the Border.  You may be right in thinking that Scotland would be better off in the EU than out, but a Scotland independent of England and not in the EU would find it very hard to succeed in the modern World.  Let us hope Scotland’s leaders recognise this and make sure it does not happen.

Finally, congratulations to Wales.  At least some Britons are doing well in Europe!