Are you among the many isolated people now?

My wife and I are isolated because we are among the at-risk people, as we are old and have certain conditions. We are better off than many, as we spend a lot of time on-line already and can do a lot without having to socialise, but we are  concerned for the many who will not enjoy this time. Of course, not everyone uses social media, online shopping or online banking. Our church and my writers’ group are trying to help those who are struggling. Perhaps you could find a group for you?

Do I mind being isolated?

Although I think we are better off than many,we expect we will soon miss our face-to-face contacts with people. At least we can go out for walks, as long as we keep away from people. This is important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Our dog agrees. I am glad our government also agrees, unlike some.

Apart from anything else, I intend to use this time to sort out my filing and do a lot of reading. I will also push on with writing and might finish several books before this confinement ends.

If you are isolated, try reading

To encourage you, I offer Highwaypersons, Debts and Duties for free as an e-book from 21st to 25th March  Yes, this Saturday until the following Wednesday. Next month I will do the same for the sequel, The King’s Justice. I hope to finish the third in the series while I am isolated.

Highwaypersons: Debts and Duties

Highwaypersons, Book II: The King's Justice