I have mentioned that I have had a riding holiday in Cornwall.  I rode five horses over seven days.  The only one I found difficult was a thoroughbred mare.  We got on OK at times but she seemed moody and unpredictable.  Some people say that is more common among mares.  Some even go so far as to make comparisons with humans, leading to sexist comments.  I would not dream of expressing an opinion.

Three of the other four horses I rode were Cornish-bred cobs. Similar in many ways to Welsh cobs except they tend to be piebald and skewbald.  That is, black and white or brown and white.  Most Welsh cobs are of one main colour.  I find them tough, resilient, sure-footed and usually good-natured.  Many of them can perform well in the school or over jumps.  I find thoroughbreds over-rated.  Except for racing, of course.

The hero of Highwaypersons, Billy Rhys, shares my feelings on this subject, among others.

Finally, I would like to compliment the producers of Poldark for the casting of that hero’s horse.  He is just the type I would expect a man of his class and means to have.  Not too showy.  A good all-rounder who could pull a cart when needed.   I have always imagined Caledin, Billy’s second horse, as being similar to Ross Poldark’s, except Caledin was a light grey.  I hope that helps you to picture him when you read Highwaypersons.

Have you read the poem about The Horse by Ronald Duncan on my website?  It reminds us why some of us love horses and why they have a special place in historical novels.

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