Some say there is a market for modern detective fiction – ‘whodunits’ – and a separate market for historical fiction.  The second category includes adventure stories – ‘swashbucklers’ – and romantic fiction.  Of course, many books combine the two.  Is that what people want?

It has been said that ‘historical detective fiction’ is a thing of the past in more ways than one.  I disagree.  I have enjoyed whodunits set in various periods, beginning with the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and moving on to Agatha Christie, Ellis Peters, Peter Tremayne and Susannah Gregory, to name only the most obvious.  I know I am not alone.

Of course, crime has existed from the beginning of time.  Cain murdered his brother Abel.  And there have always been at least some people who have had a desire for truth and justice.  Call them detectives or not.  ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’.  There is therefore something to write about.

So if my books fall into the smaller category which overlaps detective fiction and historical adventure, I think I am in good company and have a good basis in historical fact.  Naturally, there will be some people who prefer either one type of book or the other and feel mine are neither.  I can see their point of view.  Happily, there are plenty of writers around to cater for their tastes.  I hope there are plenty of readers around who will enjoy my writing.

I can only wait and see.  Hopefully not too long!