I am well on the way to finishing Highwaypersons II: The King’s Justice.  I will need to revise it a couple of times after I finish this draft.  Then I will send it to a professional editor to iron out all the kinks.  I expect to publish it in June.

This is the cover of Book I, Debts and Duties.  Will I use it for Book II?

As I look at it, I realise that there is no murder in it so far.  Can I call it a historical detective novel?  Is it in some other genre?  Does it matter?

  • There is a mystery all right.  Billy and Bethan try to find out what has happened to Bethan’s husband, Henry.
  • There is espionage.  They uncover another Jacobite plot.  If you thought they gave up after the 1715 Rebellion until just before the famous 1745 one, you are in for a surprise, as was the Government in 1716.
  • There is betrayal.  Who betrays whom?  You will have to read it to see.
  • There is danger.  Billy and Bethan have got to keep out of the clutches of the Law.  They are, after all, highwaypersons.
  • There is deception.  They use a new approach to take money from a rich man whom they blame for their father’s imprisonment.
  • There is romance.  Yes.  The lovely but infuriating Helen is still around and Billy is still unsure of her feelings for him.  Or his for her.
  • There is moral conflict.  (As well as plenty of a more physical kind.)  Billy and Bethan encounter the slave trade in several ways.  An education and a challenge.

Do I need to write a murder to make it a proper mystery novel?  

Is there enough to satisfy readers in what I have got already?

By the way.  The next sequel will begin with a murder.  Definitely.