A title for what?

I need a title for a book I have been writing for some time. It is set against the background of  the English Civil War. It seemed so relevant when I began it last year, when the big issue was Brexit. The divisions in society in 2019 reminded me of those in 1642. You may have read one of my posts back then. Various things have delayed the completion of the novel and for a time I thought it was becoming less relevant. Now we have more divisions than ever and Brexit is back in the news!

What is the story the title needs to cover?

The story is about a young man, the third son of a minor nobleman, who is trying to avoid taking sides, seeing merit in both roundheads and cavaliers and hoping a compromise can be reached. He is often in danger from one side or the other and has to solve three mysteries, which may be linked. One is a murder mystery. The action moves from Oxford to Caerphilly to London to Edgehill and Newbury with a detour to Gloucestershire.

What sort of title do I want?

A title can be too obvious or not obvious enough. It needs to intrigue but not mislead and it needs to give some idea of what to expect without giving too much away. I can’t offer a cash prize but I hope you will get some satisfaction if you see my book with the title you thought of. I am waiting to hear from you!


Remember this title?

I wrote a short story called A Matter of Honour which I included in my collection Geoffrey’s Historical Shorts. It will give you a flavour of the book and you might enjoy it for its merits!