Was the book about the slave trade and the Jacobites?

No! Highwaypersons Book II, The King’s Justice, was an adventure set against the background of a Jacobite plot in 1716 when the characters also encounter the slave trade.

I hope you enjoy the story as a good read, but in a recent blog, I suggested some questions you might like to consider or discuss about the historical background to Highwaypersons Book I, Debts and Duties. If you enjoyed thinking about those, you might like these, about Book II, The King’s Justice.

Highwaypersons, Book II: The King's Justice by [Monmouth, Geoffrey]

Remember, there are no right answers, as the questions are to provoke thought and develop your understanding.

Questions about the slave trade.
  1. Why did Billy and Bethan know so little about the trade at first?
  2. Did Megan’s view of slavery change after her encounter with some slaves?
  3. Why did so many British people condone or accept this trade, like the merchants at The Mermaid?
  4. Who profited from it?
  5. Who lost as a result of it, apart from the slaves?
  6. Why did Africans collaborate in the trade, as Thomas described?
  7. Why did the authorities stop sending white people into slavery in the Caribbean?
  8. Was slavery illegal in Britain but lawful in her overseas possessions?
Questions about the Jacobites
  1. Why did Sweden want to help the Jacobites?
  2. Was a Swedish invasion of Britain a serious possibility?
  3. How helpful to the Jacobites would a Swedish invasion have been?
  4. Why did some Protestants, like Charles Butler, support the Catholic Pretender, James Stewart?
Questions about King George I
  1. Why did he pardon so many of his enemies?
  2. Did he support the slave trade, not know about it or just not care?
  3. Why did Billy not realise Georg von Luneburg was King George?
Don’t be a slave to the questions!

They are there to help you get a bit more out of the books, if you want, but don’t let the questions take over from the stories. They are fiction set against a real historical background.

Enjoy your reading, and I hope the third volume in the series will be out after Christmas, if not before.