Why ask?

I have been asked this question (whether in hope or anxiety I am not sure) because of the current controversy over a scene in Poldark.  Some call it a rape scene, whilst others argue that the woman’s apparent eventual consent negates that description.  You have to see the scene and make up your own mind.  Seeing the whole series, in which the mutual attraction between Ross and Elizabeth is a major theme, might put it in context and affect your opinion.  Or not.

What about Highwaypersons? 

Well, Billy and Helen have strong but often contradictory feelings for each other, often leading to verbal and physical confrontations.  It is, however, another of Helen’s admirers, with similar feelings to Billy’s but having less self-control, who really loses it.  How violent does it get?  Does it end in rape?  You must read the book to find out.  You must make your own mind up as to the rights and wrongs of the situation.

What about Thomas and Llewellyn?

One reader seemed to think there was something sexual going in the scenes where Bethan’s twelve-year-old son, Llewellyn, wrestles with the adult Thomas.  I had no intention to imply anything of the sort.  The man was merely teaching the boy to defend himself.  That they both enjoyed the lessons should not be taken to mean anything else. Thomas was a practicing heterosexual who made no secret of his attraction to Bethan and her cousin Megan, among other women.

Short Story.

I have written a short story, The Dinner Party, introducing Helen and her attitude to Billy, among other things.  It is available free if you ask either by e-mail to geoffrey@geoffreymonmouth.co.uk  or via the contact form on my website www.geoffreymonmouth.co.uk.  Please be warned: there is no violence in this short story.