What shorts?

Shorts can mean short stories. I haven’t published a book for some time, but I’ve written lots of things. I have now collected several of these and am in the process of publishing them. Many of these stories are extracts from novels, some I have  published, others I have yet to publish, whilst I have written others to stand alone. I have re-edited them all for this edition.

Shorts on a flagpole over the battlements

Shorts on a flagpole over the battlements

Are the shorts mysteries?

If you are looking for whodunnits, you will be disappointed, although you will discover hints of connections with several murder mysteries. The Stone Age Detective is about to look into several suspicious deaths. Robert of Clun has just discovered the identity of the man behind one of the best-known murders in history. Billy Rhys receives an instruction to investigate a murder and to prevent a rebellion. Finally, John O’Neil is worried as to where his wife’s involvement in undercover police work may lead. For a full-length murder mystery, however, you will need to read one of my complete novels, but I hope you will find each of these stories enjoyable in its own right.

What are the shorts about?

This is a collection of fourteen short stories, where I  dip into six historical eras from the end of the Ice Age to the early twentieth century.

Although all my heroes live in different ages, they all face many kinds of dangers and challenges, physical and mental, and experience unexpected learning and growth of character.  Many find their ideas of religion or spirituality tested and expanded, whether in a primaeval forest or beneath the dreamy spires; but they all fight, in different ways, for truth and justice, even Billy Rhys, the highwayman. Romance blossoms for some, whist for others…

You may find humour in many of these stories. Whether the characters would have is not certain.

When and how can you get my shorts?

They will be available as paperbacks and e-books on Amazon-Kindle but not yet. I’ll let you know when I have the dates.Shortly, I hope.

Of course, you can get Highwaypersons, Book I and Book II already.

Book I Debts and Duties

Book II The King’s Justice

Highwaypersons: Debts and Duties

Highwaypersons, Book II: The King's Justice