I have been advised to use only short words and short sentences.  To use only familiar words.  To write so a child of eleven could easily understand it.


As it happens, I do usually write in a fairly simple style, but I am worried about the trend for all writers to follow these rules.  Are we not in danger of losing the beauty of the English language?  The variety of words, with their subtle differences in meaning, from the most precise to the all-encompassing, is part of the glory of our language.

I certainly do not want to write as if I am producing an academic treatise, but I think eleven-year-olds need educating.

Like a lot of people who choose to do a lot of writing, I enjoy playing with words.  I hope you will find some of my puns and other word-play amusing.

I have tried to strike a balance in my blogs and in my novel Highwaypersons.  I hope you think I have got it right.  Or is it ‘gotten’ to be correct?

I will be interested in any feedback.