The Coronation Weekend was special

The coronation gave us a great weekend. Well, I found it so, from the pageantry of the processions to the solemnity of the promises in the Abbey service to the fun of the concert. And a day off!  I do sympathise with those who felt left out, not only republicans. It is always difficult when everyone else seems to be revelling in something you just don’t like or don’t get. Think about the World Cup and the minority who hate football. I hope we can all make allowances for one another at such times.

Did we need a Coronation or a King?

I have written before about the role of the monarch in the 21st century and in a separate post about the exaggerated view of the monarchy as a symbol of continuity, whereas it is the adaptability of the institution that has enabled it to survive. I think there was enough innovation to keep it from being just a reenactment. It must be about the present and the future as well as the past.

A crumbling ruin. Sign of a defunct institution?

A crumbling ruin. Sign of a defunct institution?

What Next?

I hope the king will continue as he has begun and retain the best things from the past but keep innovating and reforming. The relationship with the Commonwealth needs to change but it could still be a valuable institution. We need to know the facts about the royal family’s links with the slave trade and then have a sensible discussion about the implications. Before anyone gets too smug, let us remember the royals were not the only ones involved. Where did your family get its wealth?

What should be reformed?

The monarchy is not the only thing we should reform. What about the constitution? Perhaps we need to give the king more power to keep the politicians in check. See my previous post.

Why not an elected president? A hereditary head of state does not have the baggage of a former politician and has no links to any political party.

A well-maintained castle with a present use.

A well-maintained castle with a present use.

A Lesson from the Past

My novel, Blood and Secrets is set against the background of the Civil War, when another Charles failed to adapt to the times. A lesson for us all.