Transylvania is the setting for my next novel

Transylvania is always mysterious, especially in fiction. I am writing a novel set there in the late eighteenth century. There will be many mysteries and you will find answers to some by the end of the book. I may leave a few unresolved and leave you to invent your own answers.

Will it be a whodunit set in Transylvania?

My main character will have to investigate a mysterious death, among other challenges. She is an Englishwoman who unexpectedly inherits a title and associated powers and responsibilities in Transylvania. Her challenges include convincing people that a woman is capable of exercising authority effectively. She also has to decide whether¬† Napoleon’s schemes will affect her domain and if so thwart them. She also has to decide whether rumours of monsters and supernatural beings are true. Someone warns her that the most dangerous creatures in that land are human. She can’t trust everyone. Can she trust anyone?

Are all her conflicts external?

In addition to the actual and imagined dangers in Transylvania, the protagonist has to deal with her inner demons, only some of which she understands. Will her external challenges exacerbate the internal ones or might they provide just the stimulus she needs to make her fight them?

What is the title of this novel to be and when will we see it?

I will call it Death in Transylvania and I hope to self-publish it in the New Year. The trilogy I am working on set in, during and after the Roman invasion of Britain may take longer to finish but it should be available in a few months. I have written about that in a previous post but if you can’t wait, try reading The Cowgirl Murders or one of the books in the Highwaypersons series.

The castle in Transylvania where most of the story takes place.

The castle in Transylvania where most of the story takes place.