The Tudors are on TV again!

One of the Tudors, Elizabeth I, is back on the BBC on Wednesday nights as the 1970’s series Elizabeth R, starring Glenda Jackson, is repeated. I have said before that that family get more publicity in both drama and documentaries than anyone else. I wish we could be educated and entertained by stories about other families who made history – not only royals.

Will I watch this drama about one of the Tudors?

Yes! I remember enjoying it the first time and wondered how it would seem now. Things you thought were great back in the day are often disappointing now, and vice versa. What serendipity!  Having seen the first two episodes, I have been more than pleasantly surprised at the quality of this series. The producers put their money – or someone else’s – into the right things: the script and the actors, not lavish sets and battle scenes. Not only was Glenda brilliant, but the rest of the cast too, especially Robert Hardy as Lord Robert Dudley and Ronald Hines as Lord Cecil. My only gripe is that Mary Queen of Scots does not seem to be either the beauty or the impressive character that contemporaries described.

Have you too had enough Tudors?

My collection of fourteen short stories, Geoffrey’s Historical Shorts, spans ten thousand years of history and dips into almost every period except that of the Tudors. The collection will give you a taste of my writing, including extracts from some of my novels. If you have read them, I would welcome your comments, whether you liked them or not. If you did like them, please try one of my novels, and watch out for my next one. It will be the third in the Highwaypersons series, Stallion Man. It is currently being edited and proofread. The fourth in the series is well on the way, but has not yet got a title.

Stories from every era except the Tudors!

Stories from every era except the Tudors!