Violence occurs in Britain

Violence occurs in all countries and Britain is no exception. Apart from boxing, martial arts and other violent sports, violent crimes take place from time to time in almost every part of the UK. Almost everyone is capable of losing his or her temper occasionally. However, I would advise Afghans, or anyone new to this country, to avoid using violence. Most of us don’t like it, apart from it’s being illegal.

Violence is not the norm.

Most of the time, most Britons settle disputes with words, often lots of them, rather than fists. Weapons are generally rare, mainly because we have strict gun-control laws. This is not the USA. It is also illegal to carry other weapons, although many people are worried at the amount of knife-crime. It is however a crime. A lot of criminals don’t carry weapons as it gets them into more trouble if they are caught. Improvised weapons such as bottles and various blunt instruments are more popular in most circles, even when things do get violent.

We have come a long way since the 17th century. I wrote about a duel in a previous blog, A Matter of Honour. It was the opening chapter of my novel, Blood and Secrets. It is also one of the short stories in Geoffrey’s Historical Shorts. I must emphasise that my hero would get into a lot more trouble than he does in the story if he behaved like that nowadays.

The cover of Blood and Secrets depicting an example of the violence in the story

The cover of Blood and Secrets depicts an example of the violence in the story.

The cover of Geoffrey's Historical Shorts. Most of the stories include violence.

Most of these stories include violence.








What kinds of violence do we not have in Britain?

  • This country has not been a war-zone for a long time. We fight wars abroad, but don’t let them come here. Terrorist incidents get a lot of publicity precisely because they are rare.
  • The police do not carry guns routinely and the law allows them to use only reasonable force to restrain people.
  • There are no war-lords. We have councillors and Members of Parliament. Criminal gangs control only very small parts of the country and usually not for long.
  • We don’t have feuds. People settle disputes between neighbours, or anyone else, through the courts or arbitration, if they can’t resolve them themselves.
  • People don’t take the law into their own hands. We go to the police or to a solicitor..
  • We don’t do ‘honour killings’. We tolerate people who do things that dishonour the family. Even if we might not be so friendly towards them, we don’t kill them. As apostasy is not a crime, people can choose to change their religion in any direction.
  • Violence against women is illegal and most of us don’t approve of it.
  • Parents can punish children, but to a limited extent only. Child-abuse is illegal.

What if you suffer violence or other persecution?

The police should help you. There are also Social Services, solicitors and citizens advice bureaux. Don’t be a victim, but don’t be a perpetrator either. If you need an outlet for your own violence, join a boxing or martial arts club!