President Trump has referred to ‘The Prince of Whales’ in a tweet.

I suppose ‘Prince of Whales’ was a typo for ‘Prince of Wales’, although not  everyone seems sure. I am aware that someone once deliberately used the misspelling when writing about the future King George IV, while he was Prince Regent, because he was obese and unpopular for several reasons, including his gluttony. The writer had intended to insult him and used an appropriate image.

Was the term ‘Prince of Whales’ an insult to Charles?

In its context, it is unlikely that President Trump was meaning to be offensive. He seems to have liked the prince, as far as I can tell. After all, Charles is not obese and there is no reason to believe he had offended the president.

Could ‘Prince of Whales’ be a compliment?

Whales need a champion, as do other marine creatures and land animals. Indeed, our whole environment with all its fauna and flora needs a representative at the highest level, and I am glad to know that Prince Charles, like his father, is very concerned about the way we are threatening all the inhabitants of this planet, including ourselves. Therefore I would like to apply this title to Charles in a positive, complimentary, spirit.

The sea at Tenby, where the Prince of Wales could well become the Prince of Whales

The sea at Tenby, where the Prince of Wales could well become the Prince of Whales too.

Perhaps we could also give Charles one or more of these titles:

  • Duke of Dolphins
  • Earl of Elephants
  • Baron of Bees
  • Lord of Lemurs
  • Protector of Plants
  • Defender of the Planet.

Of course, I am also pleased to know there is something to bring Wales to the constant attention of the Royal Family. If only we could make the government remember the Principality as often.

The Red Dragon of Wales, not The Prince of Whales

The Red Dragon of Wales, not of The Prince of Whales.

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