I have enjoyed writing about the Eighteenth Century in Highwaypersons, Book I, Debts and Duties.  I have now written more than half of the sequel, Highwaypersons, Book II, The King’s Justice and I am looking forward to writing the third book in the series, although I have not yet decided on the title.  All are set against the Jacobite plots and rebellions of the years 1714 to 1720. There is plenty of scope there for mysteries, adventures and swashbuckling.

The early Eighteenth Century is a period many people know little about.  That makes it more attractive to me.  I get tired of the Tudors and of the 1920’s and ’30’s. Perhaps you can think of periods that you have heard about more often than you would like.

I have found interesting true stories in almost every century and dramatic events which would form a suitable background to a mystery or almost any kind of story.  So what period to write about next?  Preferably another little-known one. I might even go back to prehistoric times.

A murder mystery can be set in any century.

  • Be sure that there is no age where murder has not taken place.
  • I believe there have always been some people who wanted justice, not merely revenge.
  • There must have been some who tried to apply reason rather than prejudice or superstition in their quest for the truth.


I am also planning a novel set in World War II even though a lot has been written, televised and filmed about that war.  It may or may not include a murder mystery.

Why?  What can I add to what is already there?

I have a collection of letters and diaries written at the time by a man who served in that war.  His account of his time as a prisoner of war is especially moving.  I hope I can honour him by turning this material into a novel.  There is a story that needs to be told.