I have not blogged for a while.  I am still here.  I have been busy with various things including sorting out some IT problems.

However, I have sent my draft novel to a professional editor and had it back duly edited.  I then went through it doing two things.

  1. I looked at his suggestions and implemented some.
  2. I looked at his changes and reversed some.

Am I arrogant?  Why go to an editor if I reject his work?

I hope I am just trying to be true to myself.  Some things are matters of personal style and preference.  I do not want to lose my ‘voice’.

I can assure you that I am truly grateful for the many corrections my editor made which were necessary.  It is amazing how many typos slipped past me, even after I had checked the draft several times, and how many grammatical errors I made.

I am about to go through it again to revise the division into chapters and sections, as each change tends to affect that.

Then I will be starting the self-publishing process.  That takes longer than you might expect, as you need to look at the printed draft and proof-read it.   There are usually a few things to be corrected then.

So I hope to be in print by the end of next month.

I will be offering a short story and my first chapter free to people who ask for them.  They will be available a little before I publish the book.

Watch this space.