I have suggested that the second book in the Highwaypersons series, The King’s Justice, would be available by June this year. That was a target I had set for myself. I have to warn you that it is looking increasingly unlikely that I will be able to keep to that timetable.

What has gone wrong? Why can I not hit the target?

  • Have I been diverted to other projects?
  • Had domestic problems?
  • Just been lazy?

None of the above. Well, not to any great extent. The fact is that I recently reviewed the almost-complete draft and was not satisfied. At first, I could not decide what was the matter: what parts should I cut out? Eventually I realised that, although I was quite pleased with most sections,  the fault lay in the overall structure of the book. The story did not flow.

What have I done about it?

I have been thinking it over, and now I have a revised outline. Most of the previous elements are there, but they are not going to be in the same order. If Eric Morecambe comes to mind, well, why not? He had a point, hadn’t he? Some sections will need to be rewritten, although I hope I can keep the best features of each.

I have also decided to add a few new elements to the story. They will make the book longer and more complex, but, I hope, they will give it a better structure.



So how far back does this put things?

I am aware that I have certain other commitments that will take up a lot of time in June and July, so I have to be realistic and say the book will now most probably not be published until September. I think most readers would rather I took as long as I needed until it was as good as I could make it, rather than making the achievement of some self-imposed target the most important priority.