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Is 2020 time for another Scottish indyref?

Another? When was the last indyref? In 2014 there was an indyref - that is a referendum on Scottish independence. The vote went in favour of the union by about 55%.but the SNP - the Scottish Nationalist Party - say it's time for another. Why? Because Britain's...

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Do the Scots have a message for England as in 1715?

Did the Scots rebel in 1715? Not all Scots did. Many, probably most, accepted the rule of George the First. The rebels, called 'Jacobites', wanted to make James Stewart king. Religion, clan loyalties and personal ambitions all affected which side you were on. As I...

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Who were the Great War heroes?

Weren't they all heroes? Heroes is the name many people would apply to all the men who gave their lives in the First World War, not to mention many other conflicts. However, there are those who disagree. I heard someone argue that as the men were conscripts, they...

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Am I a Roundhead or a Cavalier?

Why would you ask if I was a roundhead or a cavalier? Most people today don't ask others 'Are you a roundhead or a cavalier' but as I have said I am going to set my latest book in the Civil War, people will want to know which side I would have been on. My reasons for...

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Why am I writing about the Civil War?

What Civil War? The so-called English Civil War, although it involved the Scots, Welsh and Irish as well as the English. Anyway, I don't mean the American Civil War, or anyone else's. It was in the 1640's. Why am I writing about the Civil War right now? I must...

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Was the Civil War about ‘Humbug’?

Why mention 'Humbug'? When I wrote recently about divisions, in 1642 - the start of the English Civil War - and today, I had no idea how much more heated things were about to become. The PM's response to being challenged about inflammatory language was to accuse his...

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Is ‘Sanditon’ a travesty of Austen?

What is 'Sanditon'? Sanditon is a costume drama on ITV that has divided the crowd. It is not the best historical drama I've seen this year (so far I'd give that award to Gentleman Jack) but it's not the worst. (Let's not go there, please!) What's Sanditon got to do...

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Are the Divisions of 2019 like those of 1642?

Divisions seem to dominate the news. Will divisions over Brexit lead to the breakup of the UK? Or to civil unrest and violence? If we were divided before, the prorogation had made things much worse. Both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are divisive figures within...

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Why remember Peterloo – is it just history?

Why am I writing about Peterloo today? Today is the bicentenary of the Peterloo incident and the media are giving it a lot of coverage. Today is the day to remember and reflect. Many people see parallels with current events and are drawing various lessons for today. I...

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Should schools teach about the British Empire?

What do schools teach about the British Empire? In many schools the British Empire is a subject that nobody ever mentions, at least in class. This seems to be because teachers are afraid of offending children of non-British origins. However, some people are now...

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Do you live in a historic town?

What is a historic town? I have been enjoying the current Channel Four series of Britain's Most Historic Towns presented by Alice Roberts. Each week she looks at a town which she connects with a particular period in history and illustrates it with old buildings and...

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Who wants to be the ‘Prince of Whales’?

President Trump has referred to 'The Prince of Whales' in a tweet. I suppose 'Prince of Whales' was a typo for 'Prince of Wales', although not  everyone seems sure. I am aware that someone once deliberately used the misspelling when writing about the future King...

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