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Why is History not on the core curriculum?

Schools have to teach the Core Curriculum That curriculum sets out the basic subjects the powers that be think all children should learn, including English, Maths and Science.  Schools may teach other subjects if they can  find the time and resources to do so.  I...

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Who do you think you are kidding John McDonnell?

John McDonnell has called Winston Churchill 'not a hero but a villain'. Isn't Churchill our greatest national hero? How can John McDonnell, or anyone, say he's a villain, not just overrated or not as great as some other hero? Why would anyone want to attack...

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Unprecedented? What part of this mess is unprecedented?

People keep saying our present problems are unprecedented. If you read much history, you will soon realise that hardly anything is unprecedented. We've made the same mistakes before. Usually many times. We don't learn from them anything like as much as we think, as I...

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Why don’t I call The Stone Age Detective a cave-man?

Why have I so far avoided using the term 'cave-man' in my blogs? For many people, the term 'cave-man' carries a lot of meaning, but misleading meaning.  We tend to think of a very primitive human, who may not even be homo sapiens. Perhaps you think of a neanderthal?...

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Are there any dinosaurs in The Stone Age Detective?

People expect dinosaurs in any book set in the Stone Age This is mainly the fault of Hollywood, because producers (used to) think any story in prehistory had to have these large reptiles to make it exciting. They could have made movies about dinosaurs without any...

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How do I know what a Stone-Age dog looked like?

One key character in my novel The Stone-Age Detective is a dog. I hope you have read my  blog about my prehistoric detective novel. Even if you like what I say there, you may think everything I say about the dog in the novel is pure fiction, fantasy even. Well, I have...

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